10/28/2014 05:40 EDT | Updated 12/28/2014 05:59 EST

Doug Ford's Advice To John Tory: 'Don't Bleep It Up'

Doug Ford has delivered some advice to John Tory, the man who bested him at the polls last night.

"I said John, you know, first of all, 'congratulations.' I said, 'you know, we've left this city in phenomenal financial shape, don't bleep it up,'" Ford told CBC News in an interview on Tuesday, hours after John Tory became the city's mayor-elect. "I put the bleep in there, but he broke out laughing."

He and Tory had faced off in the polls in the final weeks of the campaign after Ford jumped into the mayoral race in September in place of his ailing brother, Rob.

Tory took home the most votes, which makes him the city's mayor-elect. But Ford finished the night with slightly more than a third of the votes cast for mayor, leaving him a close second choice for voters.

Ford said he just didn't have enough time to make his case to voters.

"I felt good, I heard it on the street when we were going, we just needed a couple more weeks, it was tough," Ford said.

However, Ford said he respected the result at the polls and Tory himself.

"I respect him, I respect the people of Toronto and I respect democracy and the people have spoken and they're moving forward," he said.

Asked about his brother's election-night hint of taking another run at the mayor's office in four years' time, Ford said, "I think Rob was caught up in the moment…I think it's a little premature to say that, that's just my opinion, but we'll see what happens," he said.

'Like a dog on a bone'

In any case, he said Rob Ford will be watching the mayor-elect carefully over the coming term.

"Rob will be supporting John in certain areas, and I guess if [the mayor-elect] slides off course a little bit and starts spending money, well, there's no doubt Rob's going to be going to be on to him like a dog on a bone," he said. "I know that for a fact."

Doug Ford said he'll likely go back to Deco Labels and Tags, the family business, for the time being.

"I got some texts from our [Deco] New Jersey offices and Chicago saying: 'Toronto's loss, our gain,'" he said.

But that doesn't mean he's closed the door to a future political bid — and he admits to considering the possibility of running for the Ontario PC leadership.

"It has crossed my mind and I truly believe the PC party has a lot of work to do," he said.

"They've lost track of their roots, they've lost track of the common people and if they ever want to run the provincial government again, there has to be a housecleaning from top to bottom. It's the same people that were there before my dad was there, the same small group and it's just not going to work."

Rob and Doug Ford's father, Douglas B. Ford, served as an MPP for a single term in the Ontario legislature from 1995 to 1999.

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