10/28/2014 12:38 EDT | Updated 12/28/2014 05:59 EST

MUHC contractor vows to curb noisy ventilators

The ventilation system at the new McGill University superhospital is a still much too noisy for some nearby residents’ tastes. 

Westmount resident Francois Dellagret said the noise coming from the MUHC’s new west-end Glen campus — particularly its ventilation system — has been unbearable for months.

In September, CBC News reported that the City of Westmount is considering legal action to stop what it calls excessive noise at the new MUHC.

The issue has not yet been resolved, according to some residents.

"Now, again, we hear it in the middle of the night. It’s living by an airport," Dellagret said.

Dozens of people joined him to complain at a meeting last night set up by Westmount councillor Christina Smith between the city and the contractor, GISM.

GISM is a general partnership between SNC-Lavalin and European infrastructure investment group Innisfree.

Contractor vows to curb noise

Smith said GISM has promised to immediately reduce the noise at night and to work to find a permanent solution.

"I feel that we got a commitment out of them that they are taking it very seriously and they are going to look to find a long-term solution," Smith said.

Dellagret is not so optimistic.

"Their plan was totally vague on what has to be done. It was a pathetic way of handling the situation," he said.

Dellagret said he’ll be back at another meeting to discuss the issue set for Dec. 8.