10/28/2014 05:01 EDT | Updated 10/28/2014 05:59 EDT

Paul Godfrey Says Olivia Chow Sun Cartoon Didn't Cross The Line (TWEETS, POLL)

At least one person in Canada thinks The Toronto Sun's cartoon showing Olivia Chow in a Mao suit didn't go too far.

That person is Postmedia president and CEO Paul Godfrey, who will soon (pending regulatory approval) take control of the newspaper that printed it.

Toronto commentator Jeet Heer emailed Godfrey on Monday to ask his opinion about the Sunday cartoon, which shows Chow riding her late husband Jack Layton's coattails on a skateboard.

Chow had previously called the cartoon "disgusting."

"Because I am Chinese-Canadian, I must be a communist and have slanted eyes and glasses … and since I am a woman, I must be inferior and therefore not good enough for the job of the mayor so I must rely on my deceased husband. So it is both racist and sexist," she told CP24.

Heer laid out his conversation with Godfrey on his blog.

The long and short of Godfrey's response is that he didn't feel the cartoon crossed the line, and that the artist, Andy Donato, is neither racist nor sexist himself.

"People who enter all forms of public life may from time to time not like what a cartoonist produces. I do not believe he crossed the line of good taste on this cartoon," he said.

Heer also tweeted about the conversation:

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