10/29/2014 05:00 EDT | Updated 12/28/2014 05:59 EST

5 Halloween makeup tips

Professional makeup artist DorotaBuczel needs to run the Alchemy Center makeup art studio and boutique with military precision during the run-up to Halloween. Customers book well in advance to ensure their Halloween makeup fantasy is ready for the neighbourhood street party, the downtown zombie walk or whatever event they plan to attend.

“It’s amazing what people will do when it comes to Halloween," says the Toronto-based makeup artist. "We do our best to make sure they look great.”

Halloween is big business in Canada, and consumer spending has been rising significantly for the past several years. The Retail Council of Canada estimates the celebration adds as much as $1 billion to the Canadian economy. Social media, digital photography and popular television programs such as The Walking Dead have added to the growing consumer interest.

But not everyone will be shelling out big dollars for their scary look. Most Halloween revellers design their own costume and apply their own makeup. If this is your plan for Halloween, Dorota Buczel has five tips to make the Halloween  experience a better one.

Dorota’s 5 Halloween Makeup Tips:

1)   Use high-quality makeup: Cheap makeup can stain your skin, smudge and cause skin irritation.

2)   Use contrasting colours:  The most common mistake with Halloween makeup is the lack of highlighting colours.  Highlights are essential for adding depth, contrast and 3D effects.

3)   Be creative: Many of the useful elements for Halloween makeup can be found around the house. Take blood for example – you can use corn syrup mixed with food colouring. Crushed cornflakes are perfect for the scab effect.

4)   Set your makeup:  After all of your creative work, you'll want to make sure the makeup lasts all evening. It is important to use a transfer-resistant setting powder, as well as a setting spray for your makeup.

5)   Make sure you have a proper makeup remover:  It is important to have a good removal product – soap and water will not always work. At the end of the night you'll want to make sure the makeup comes off easily without damaging the skin.