10/29/2014 02:15 EDT | Updated 10/29/2014 02:59 EDT

Video About Guy Who Backs Up Cars In Edmonton Is Totally Weird


Edmonton, it's time you got to know Dave F**k.

Dave helps you back up your car in parking lots around the city. Sometimes he sleeps standing up. Sometimes he sleeps in the grass. While sleeping, sometimes he has crazy, reflective dreams.

If Dave F**k sounds too good/weird to be true, that's because he is. Instead, Canadian musician Mac Demarco plays the character in a seriously silly new mini-mockumentary directed by Cole Kush.

Mac Demarco, who grew up in Edmonton, lends his signature ball cap and jean jacket to the character, along with a hilarious baritone voice. His trademark comedy style finds meaning in the mundane, as Dave F**k gets lost in a deep and profound CGI parking lot dream.

We don't claim to totally understand the video, but somehow it's perfect.

(WARNING: Some of the language is offensive and NSFW.)


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