10/29/2014 11:41 EDT

Canadian Beer vs. American Beer: Which Is Really Better?

It's time to end the Canadian vs. American beer lore, and Buzzfeed has just the people to do it.

In the wonderful video posted above, the site puts a number of Canadian and American beers against each other, using patriots from each country to blind test and rate the brews. Though we do question some of the match-ups (Kona Big Wave, which is technically a craft brew against Labatt 50, for example), we do appreciate the somewhat scientific rigour with which the question is treated.

While for a long time people believed Canadian beer had a higher alcohol content than American options (which isn't, in our opinion, really something to base the quality on), that's actually been disproved thanks to, among other reasons, a massive selection now available in both countries.

We won't ruin the fun by telling you the end results, but we will say that if you love beer, watch this video and make yourself a list of which ones — Canadian or American — to try. Except for the Budweiser and Molson lagers, because if you haven't had those yet, what are you doing even reading this story?

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