10/29/2014 01:50 EDT | Updated 12/29/2014 05:59 EST

Family rescued after ordeal on northern Saskatchewan island

A family of four has been rescued after being stranded for three days on a cold, rocky island on Wollaston Lake in a remote part of northern Saskatchewan.

The family — two men, one woman and a boy — left Barge Landing Oct. 21 and went out on the lake, about 650 kilometres northeast of Saskatoon, when their boat ran out of gas.

They had a cellphone and let other family members know they were stranded on an island.

Fog hampered rescue efforts

However, there was thick fog and the phone died before they could give any information to pinpoint their location.

After they were reported missing Oct. 23, Wollaston Lake RCMP and the Canadian Rangers from the Wollaston Lake Patrol 4th Canadian Ranger Patrol Group, an army reserve unit, began a search.

Searchers, including people from the community who were familiar with the area, spent hours in the thick fog but had no luck after checking several islands.

Finally, on Oct. 24, the family was located safe near Gow Island in the southern part of the lake.

Family able to start fire

It was learned that they had coats, a tarp, minimal food and were able to start a fire, the RCMP said. 

Still, it was no picnic. The temperature got down to -7 degrees C and there was heavy freezing rain on Oct. 22.

Now, their ordeal is over.

The RCMP thanked everyone involved who helped bring the family home safe and sound.