10/29/2014 04:44 EDT | Updated 10/29/2014 04:59 EDT

Seth Rogen Got Paid To Write Circumcision Jokes As A Teen (VIDEO)

Everyone's favourite Vancouver funnyman speaks often of his Jewish background — in fact, uses it to his advantage in his comedy.

And it turns out he's been doing so since he was a teenager.

In an interview during The New Yorker Festival, Rogen — sitting next to writing partner and Vancouver childhood friend Evan Goldberg — reveals a unique gig he once had writing jokes for a mohel. (Mohels perform the ritual circumcisions in the Jewish faith.)

A mohel saw Rogen do stand-up in Vancouver when the comedian was about 14, and asked him to write some ice-breaker jokes, he told New Yorker contributor Andy Borowitz.

"I had a lot of Jewish material, clearly," Rogen said with a laugh. "I guess the mohel was like, 'I need some Jew material, there's this kid who does it' ... And he paid me to write him jokes for his mohel service."

Rogen said the man is still a working mohel in Vancouver. And we like to think he's still using Rogen's jokes.

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