10/29/2014 04:04 EDT | Updated 12/28/2014 05:59 EST

Some parts of Canada to get treats, others tricks on Halloween: the Weather Network

TORONTO - Mother Nature has both tricks and treats up her sleeve for Halloween, and what you'll get depends entirely on where you live.

According to the Weather Network, Canadians in the western and northern parts of the country generally won't need to worry about frightful weather this Friday.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott says British Columbia and the Territories may see some scattered showers, but will generally enjoy stable, seasonal temperatures on Friday night.

He says dry conditions will prevail across the Prairies, with parts of southern Alberta expected to log the highest temperatures in the country.

It's a different story in Ontario and Quebec, where Scott says temperatures are forecast to fall to the lowest levels of the season and even dip below freezing in some areas.

Scott says Atlantic Canada residents will be luckier, since stormy conditions slated for Saturday are expected to hold off through Halloween festivities.

He says the variable conditions across the country are typical of a season that's inherently unpredictable and often defined by wild temperature swings.

The forecasted Halloween lows in Central Canada, for instance, are being preceded by unseasonable highs throughout much of Ontario.

The abrupt change, Scott said, means parents will want to take extra care when dressing their children for their Halloween adventures.

"With a northerly wind and some light rain and even a few wet flurries mixed in, you're definitely going to want to bundle the kids up," Scott said. "And of course for anyone going out a bit later, it's going to be rather chilly by the time people come home from Halloween parties on Saturday morning."

Scott had additional warnings for trick-or-treaters in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, saying milder temperatures could be offset by brisk winds on Halloween night.