10/30/2014 11:25 EDT | Updated 12/30/2014 05:59 EST

Roy Mercer and Darlene Fox told to leave after 10 years in Surrey camp

A homeless couple who have made a camp on private property in South Surrey for nearly 10 years have been given until Saturday to leave.

Mercer and his common-in-law wife Darlene, moved into the wooded area near King George Boulevard and 32 Avenue because they say life on the streets in Whalley was getting rough.

In the decade since then, the area surrounding their makeshift home has been extensively developed, but their sanctuary remains.

During that time, Mercer, who supports himself by collecting scrap metal and bottles, has made friends with his neighbours and led a peaceful existence.

“We haven’t done anything wrong. We don’t commit crimes. We don’t go out and leave garbage all over the place," he told CBC News during a visit to his camp.

Last month, the couple was given an eviction order.

The City of Surrey says it can't do anything.  it's an issue between the owner of the private property and the couple.

Mercer was told someone saw his property from the road and filed a complaint. However when CBC visited the site, it was well hidden from the road by trees.

Despite the eviction order, Mercer says this is his home and if they want him to leave, they'll have to arrest him.

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