10/31/2014 09:43 EDT | Updated 10/31/2014 09:59 EDT

The Best Cities In Canada For Trick-Or-Treating


OK, it’s time to put away the broomsticks and masks and focus on the serious business of hauling in Halloween candy.

Let’s look at it like an investment adviser would. What’s the best way to get the maximum return (candy) on your investment (time out of your evening and a costume)?

Well if you’re serious about maximizing your Halloween returns, you’re going to want to move out of the confines of your own neighbourhood and look at the cities most likely to give you a big sugary haul.

We asked Goldman Sachs to do an analysis, but they laughed in our face (and then asked us if we wanted to buy some mortgage-backed securities linked to the Florida swamp market).

Fortunately, Richard Florida, the urban studies guru behind the “creative class” books, put together just such an analysis a few years back.

So how do you figure out where the best place is to go trick-or-treating? Well you have to combine a number of factors.

One is the child population. The more kids, the more parents handing out candy. Another is household income. Wealthy areas will give you a better haul. Another is population density. The less you have to walk, the faster you can accumulate candy candy candy. Finally, Florida argues that a large “creative community” makes for a better haul, because that demographic tends to be more enthusiastic about Halloween.

So based on that criteria, Florida and the Martin Prosperity Institute he runs at U of T compiled a ranking of the best cities in Canada for trick-or-treating. Here it is.

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