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Punk Rock Diplomacy: What Is It And What Can It Do For The World?

When you think about punk rock music a few images will probably come to mind. Maybe they're of Iggy Pop bouncing around shirtless onstage. It could be the Ramones' black leather jackets and their all-American attitude. Perhaps it's of the Sex Pistols performing their anthem, "God Save The Queen". But chances are, pictures of "diplomacy" don't crop up at all.

And why should they? If punk rock is about bringing down the establishment and diplomacy is about keeping the peace, you're not talking about two sides of the same coin, you're dealing with American dollars and British pounds. But when you take the best aspects of punk rock and mash it with policy making, something strange happens. You get punk rock diplomacy.

So what is it? Well, like the musical genre it's named after, it's raw. It's authentic. It's also deeply personal. It's a new way to look at making connections. If your idea of diplomacy is a bunch of old people sitting at a desk arguing over papers, punk rock diplomacy is about changing how you think countries interact with each other.

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