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Fort McMurray Woman Loses Son And Ex-Husband In Crashes on Highway 63

FORT MCMURRAY, ALBERTA, CANADA - NOVEMBER 2008: Trucks and cars can be seen continuously driving along highway A63 on the way to and from the oil refineries and tar sands mines. Tar sands, or oil sands, are very dense and contain a form of petroleum The world's largest reserves of tar sands in Canada and Venezuela. Tar sands could equate to approximately two thirds of the total global petroleum resource. Until recently it was financially not viable to extract the oil from the sands, but new technology and rising oil prices have now made it viable. (Photo by Veronqiue de Viguerie/Edit by Getty Images)

First she lost her son to one of Alberta's most dangerous highways. Now she is mourning the loss of her ex-husand.

Annie Lelievre has been lobbying the Alberta government to twin Highway 63 since her son Jason died on the highway New Year's Eve of 2011, while en route to Edmonton to give his girlfriend an engagement ring.

Less than three years later, Lelievre is now mourning the loss of her son's father and her ex-husband – his life taken on the same stretch of road.

“This is a dangerous highway, you're putting too much equipment, you're putting too much over-sized loads on this highway," she told CBC News. "People can't pass, head-ons are killing everybody."

Her ex-husband, John Robert Allan Lebedynski, was riding his motorcycle on Highway 63 – dubbed "The Highway of Death" or "Death Highway" – on Oct. 19, when a trailer in front of him slowed down to make a left turn.

Lebedynski wasn't able to stop in time, reports Fort McMurray Today.

He's victim to one of three deadly crashes on the highway that have left four people dead in the past two weeks.

Twinning work in underway on Highway 63, and Premier Jim Prentice pledged $71 million in government funds to complete the twinning by 2016.

Lelievre, however, told the Edmonton Journal "it is too little, too late."

“I just lost two family members. My question is why it wasn’t done earlier?

“Alison Redford should have been standing beside me protecting our children instead of spending money on private flights for her daughter and friends.”


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