11/02/2014 01:48 EDT | Updated 01/02/2015 05:59 EST

Barinder Rasode considering legal action after party affiliation left off list

Surrey mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode's party says it will seek legal advice after an error was made on ballots in advance voting Saturday.

Ballots usually list the names of the candidates and their party affiliations. 

But the One Surrey party began hearing from voters shortly after the polls opened that that two of their candidates for council had no party affiliation beside their names.

One Surrey says it has branded itself as a team and by not having their affiliation listed, the two candidates could have lost the support of all those voters specifically looking to support the party.

Once the irregularity was detected, voting was temporarily suspended until new corrected ballots were made available.

But Rasode says that may not be enough.

"By the time we got a response and they were able to correct the mistake, what it's led to which is unheard of, is such an egregious error on a ballot. But having two ballots that will be counted in one election is not something that's ever been a part of any process."

Rasode says her party is seeking legal advice.