11/02/2014 09:39 EST | Updated 01/02/2015 05:59 EST

'Spookland' Halloween party leads to 3 sexual assault allegations

Three girls say they were sexually assaulted during the ‘Spookland’ Halloween party in western Quebec, which also sent nine people to hospital, police say.

About one thousand people attended the private party at Mont Cascades, which was a licensed event with five DJs and three dance floors.

The event’s Facebook page said the event was aimed at people between the ages of 16 and 21, but people said people as young as 14 were bused in from Ottawa and eastern Ontario towns like Carleton Place, Kemptville and Perth. Organizers had recruited at area schools, police added.

Paramedics took nine people to hospital after taking drugs or suffering alcohol poisoning, they said.

Then on Saturday, three separate girls who attended the event made sexual assault allegations to police. Few details were released and anyone who witnessed a sexual assault is asked to call police.

Police added they would release more details about their investigation on Monday

Also on Saturday, party organizers said when fire crews arrived at the party, the number of people was more than permitted under the fire code.

Party disorganized, over-capacity, patrons say

People who went to the event and spoke to CBC News on Saturday said the party’s organization was very different from the previous year, claiming too many tickets were sold and bartenders stopped checking IDs.

One party patron described the event as being “like a mosh pit” and another claimed people were handing out pills on the bus heading to the party, with one person allegedly suffering a seizure.

In an email statement given to CBC News Saturday afternoon, the Ottawa-based organizing group, I'm With The DJ, said some people came to the event already "heavily intoxicated" and paramedics were called once the guests got to the venue.

Otherwise, they said the night passed "without incident” and disputed any disorganization or issues with capacity.

"There were indeed some challenges and delays to having attendees enter the venue; unintended wait times understandably frustrated some attendees. This was due to thorough screening at the door by qualified security personnel to ensure nothing inappropriate was brought into the venue," the statement said.

Police continue to investigate.