11/03/2014 01:43 EST | Updated 11/04/2014 06:59 EST

WATCH: Americans Try To Define Canadian Slang

Want to speak like a Canadian? First, you have to get the slang down pat.

In this latest installation of Americans experiencing Canadian things (the other most recent being a beer comparison video in which we were robbed), people from the U.S. discover Canadian words and try to define them.

Now, while we're all in favour (that's right, with a "u") of these videos of Americans trying out the things Canadians know and love, the definition of slang here is rather wide (we're not really sure how "homo milk" fits in, for instance). But it is entertaining to watch these Americans try Canadian lingo on for size.

Even more interesting though, is learning that "supply teacher" is not a term that's used in the States. Who knew?

Take a look here for more Canadian slang terms (and their definitions):

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