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Jordan Axani Offering Free Trip Around The World, But There's A Catch

Just months ago, 28-year-old Toronto man Jordan Axani was looking forward to taking a trip around the world with his sweetheart, Elizabeth Gallagher.

Taking advantage of an error on Priceline, they booked a Christmastime trip that would take them from New York to Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi before they return home in January.

Then, the couple split up. Gallagher is no longer going on the trip.

Rather than wasting the extra ticket, Axani turned to Reddit and Imgur in an effort to find a "Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher" who can travel in his ex-girlfriend's place.

Takers must meet the following conditions, "more or less," as outlined in the Reddit post:

1. Be sane, smart and (hopefully) interesting.

2. Have always wanted to travel, but maybe haven't had the opportunity or cash to see much of the world.

3. Be named Elizabeth Gallagher and have a Canadian passport.

4. Be ready for a rather spontaneous life experience that will, one day, be an epic story that you'll tell your kids.

5. Pay it forward. I’ve been lucky in life and this is me giving back to the universe. Do something similar someday.

Axani said he's not seeking "companionship, romance, drugs, a trade, or to take selfies with you in front [of] the Christmas Market in Prague." Whoever is awarded the trip will have to book their own hotel stays and any travel beyond the flights themselves.

If the taker doesn't travel with Axani, they only place they'll see each other is on the planes.

Speaking to Vice News, Axani said he's generated interest but "no bites that will work."

He told reporter Monica Heisey that people are attracted to "the idea that we can take what would otherwise be a sad situation and make it into something adventurous and positive."

Ultimately, Axani sees the trip as "my own way of putting some good karma out in the world."


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