11/03/2014 09:15 EST | Updated 11/03/2014 09:59 EST

'Louis Vuitton'-Branded Cocaine Smuggling Busted At Halifax Port

Talk about "designer drugs."

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) seized the third-highest stash of suspected cocaine in Atlantic Canada's history when it found 459 kilograms of drugs in the Port of Halifax last Wednesday, CBC News reported.

The drugs had been separated into over 400 bricks wrapped in plastic branded with "Louis Vuitton" logos.

CBSA officers found the drugs after using large-scale imaging to search a container that had been flagged for an additional security check. They spotted round items packed among cargo that was supposed to be over 1,200 square cases of wine, Metro News reported.

"The line has to be very clear ... and there were some round circles sitting on top [of the cases] that clearly didn't belong there," CBSA chief of operations Dominic Mallette said Monday.

The cocaine, which was separated into eight bags, was found on a ship that had left Argentina and stopped in Panama en route to Halifax.

RCMP Sgt. Keith MacKinnon said attaching logos such as "Louis Vuitton" to drugs is not unheard of, and could signify a connection to organized crime, The Chronicle Herald reported.

MacKinnon did not confirm whether the drugs were loaded on the ship in either country, nor whether police knew who was responsible for them, the Herald said.

But he did say that authorities are "working very diligently to apprehend those involved."

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