11/03/2014 07:18 EST | Updated 11/03/2014 07:59 EST

Nardwuar's Questlove Interview Puts Musician In Hysterics (VIDEO)

When watching a Nardwuar interview, seeing the pure shock on his guests' faces when he pulls out one of his signature props is just as good — if not better — than actually hearing their answers to his questions.

And while the Vancouver-based interviewer has had his fair share of amazing journalistic moments (we're talking too many to list), this 2013 chat with The Roots' Questlove definitely deserves some attention. (The full, 45-minute chat was posted online last year, but Nardwuar just published a condensed version to his own official YouTube channel on Sunday.)

Right from the start of the conversation, Nardwaur has Questlove laughing hysterically at the journalist's ability to find out incredible facts about his subjects — and bring along the artifacts to prove it.

"Is this the jackpot moment for you, when you catch us all off guard?" Questlove asks Nardwuar as he holds up a rare Motortown Revue event poster. "I've been prepping myself, like, 'I'm not going to get caught, I don't care what he pulls.'"

But, like everyone else who meets with the quirky interviewer, Questlove was impressed to no end; at some points he throws his head back and chuckles (seriously, has anyone ever seen Questlove laugh that much?). At one point, he is so shocked by a magazine Nardwuar found that he almost cries.

So, really, it's no shock when Questlove mentions how Nardwuar has turned Vancouver into one of his favourite places in the world to be interviewed.

As for the squeaky-voiced (and inexplicably modest) interviewer himself, he's just trilled that Questlove is happy.

"I was so honoured that Questlove enjoyed the interview as he is true hip hop historian!" he wrote to The Huffington Post B.C. in an email — after which, naturally, he told us to "keep on rawkin in the free world."

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