11/03/2014 03:31 EST | Updated 01/03/2015 05:59 EST

New Manitoba cabinet in order of precedence

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger shuffled his cabinet on Monday after five senior ministers resigned. The new cabinet in order of precedence:

Greg Selinger: premier, minister of federal-provincial relations, minister for skills strategy, minister responsible for francophone affairs.

Steve Ashton: infrastructure and transportation, emergency measures.

Dave Chomiak: mineral resources, administration of the Gaming Control Act.

Gord Mackintosh: conservation and water stewardship.

Eric Robinson: aboriginal and northern affairs, responsible for Manitoba Hydro, administration of the Community Economic Development Fund Act.

Drew Caldwell: municipal government.

Ron Lemieux: tourism, culture, sport and consumer protection; administration of the Liquor Control Act; responsible for Manitoba Lotteries Corporation Act.

Peter Bjornson: education and advanced learning.

Kerri Irvin-Ross: family services, housing and community development, responsible for persons with disabilities, responsible for status of women.

Flor Marcelino: multiculturalism and literacy.

Kevin Chief: jobs and the economy, responsible for the City of Winnipeg.

Ron Kostyshyn: agriculture, food and rural development.

Sharon Blady: health.

Erna Braun: labour and immigration.

James Allum: justice and attorney general, responsible for constitutional affairs, administration of the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act.

Greg Dewar: finance, responsible for the civil service; administration of the Crown Corporations Public Review and Accountability Act.

Deanne Crothers: healthy living and seniors.

Melanie Wight: children and youth opportunities.