11/04/2014 11:45 EST | Updated 01/04/2015 05:59 EST

Leafs remain most expensive NHL team to see in person

The Toronto Maple Leafs charge fans more to see them play in person than any other NHL team, according to a study published in Business Insider.

The Leafs rank first with total cost of $137.47, a drop from last season ($151.41).

Using data from the Adult Cost Index (ACI), the study determines the cost for a single fan by an average-priced ticket, one beer, one soft drink, one hot dog, and half the cost of parking at the stadium.

The Vancouver Canucks ($114.32) and Winnipeg Jets ($103.59) ranked fourth and sixth, respectively.

The Montreal Canadiens round out the top 10 with a total of $97.73. The Oilers are 12th at $92.89, followed by the Calgary Flames (14th) at $83.68, and the Ottawa Senators (25th) at $69.54  

All figures are listed in U.S. dollars.