11/04/2014 04:36 EST | Updated 01/04/2015 05:59 EST

Madison Bumgarner doesn't know where his truck is

Remember this hilarious, yet extremely awkward video that went viral last week?

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It shows Madison Bumgarner of the San Francisco Giants being presented with the keys to a new truck on national television in recognition of being named the World Series MVP. 

Well, it seems, the pitcher affectionately known as MadBum has no idea where the truck is. No, he didn't lose the new ride. It just hasn't shown up yet. 

As the story goes, Bumgarner told the Dan Patrick Show that he is hoping his agent can track down the truck and have it sent to his home. 

Word is that the 25-year-old likely has another truck or two at his disposal. 

MadBum also put his quirky side on display when he presented this rather creative gift to Jimmy Fallon. 

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This certainly seems to be an enjoyable start to the offseason for Bumgarner.