11/04/2014 11:57 EST | Updated 11/04/2014 11:59 EST

Twin Sisters Spend $24K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Dolls

They're not exactly going for the "Human Barbie" look but twins Sara and Emma Koponen are pretty close.

The identical 25-year-old sisters have spent more than £15,000 (about $24,000 US) on matching plastic surgeries to look like dolls.

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Each have had three boob jobs as well as lip injections to get a fuller pout. The sisters also work out at the gym every day so their bodies are the same shape. And there's more: the Koponens even eat the same food at the same time so that they stay at the exact same weight.

They're not done getting plastic surgery either. The Swedish-natives plan on getting butt implants, dental veneers and rhinoplasty (nose job).

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The quest for "perfection" started when the women were very young. "As twins we have to look the same, people expect have expected that from us since we were children," Sara said. Emma added, "From a young age we dreamed about changing our appearance." A girl in their class who had a large chest became an obsession for the twins. "We were so jealous," said Emma. Sara continued, "We were so self-conscious about our boobs we grew our hair long to cover our chests."

After they got their first boob job at 19 years old, the twins said they "immediately felt better about our bodies — and we got a lot of attention. Dad told us he was disappointed in us, but our mum approved and our friends were jealous."

They could end up looking like the "Real Life Barbie":

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