11/05/2014 07:34 EST | Updated 11/06/2014 01:59 EST

Starbucks Brings Gingerbread Latte Back To B.C. After Social Media Uproar

It's an early Christmas miracle!

When Starbucks announced it was no longer offering the gingerbread latte in B.C., coffee drinkers used the power of social media to demand that the company bring it back.

After receiving many phone calls, emails, tweets, and posts on Starbucks’ social media pages, the coffee giant has decided to give the people what they want: the beloved gingerbread latte.

Starbucks originally decided not to bring the flavoured latte back to B.C. — as well as some other areas in the Pacific Northwest — based on research of regional taste preferences. Starbucks locations in the east, for example, lost the eggnog latte for the holidays.

But Starbucks drinkers all over North America were outraged with the news and began posting their thoughts on social media platforms using the hashtag #wewantboth — as in, both drinks.

A website called My Starbucks Idea was also used to bring back the beverages. It allows users to pitch ideas around the brand and if they get enough support, Starbucks may take them into consideration. In this case: bringing back the beloved seasonal drink.

As a result of the online uproar, Starbucks reversed the decision.

A spokesperson from Starbucks posted an update on the company blog on Wednesday:

We are pleased to announce we’re bringing back the Eggnog Latte just in time for the holidays. It should begin arriving in most stores beginning the week of Nov. 17. And to our customers in the Pacific Northwest who also made it known you wanted your Gingerbread Latte back, we also are working quickly to deliver.

And British Columbians are pleased.

Until the gingerbread latte makes its way back to B.C., residents can sip on other holiday drinks including the peppermint mocha or the new chestnut praline latte.

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