11/06/2014 02:28 EST | Updated 11/06/2014 05:59 EST

Alcohol And Weight: Everything You Need To Know

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We all know the overconsumption of fruity cocktails and endless pints of beer is doing nothing for our bodies .. except for giving us a buzz, and then a hangover.

While we may not be drinking as much as we did in our younger days, if you do end up at a bar anytime soon, there a few things you should know about alcohol and health. In an detailed infographic by celebrity personal trainer Lucas James, we learn everything from how alcohol affects our metabolism to how many calories seven grams of alcohol actually has.

It also digs into other not-so-fun facts like, for example, drinking a pina colada is equivalent to eating a doughnut and a pint of lager has similar calories to a slice of pizza. Yikes.

But it's not all bad news. Studies have shown drinking red wine in particular can improve your memory, and have cardiovascular benefits and anti-cancer effects. However, some studies don't consider red wine a "magic pill," and argue more research has to be done.

So does this mean you should never have a glass of alcohol again? Not quite. James also offers ideas for drinks that are on the healthier side. Cheers!

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