11/06/2014 01:40 EST | Updated 11/06/2014 02:59 EST

Proof Debbie Harry Doesn't Care What You Think Of Her Style

Ladies, move out of the way 'cause Debbie Harry just proved that she just doesn't care what you think about her style.

Proof: the 69-year-old Blondie singer attended the launch of a London photography exhibit that celebrates her storied career wearing an odd black pointy face mask (which may have been a nod to the "Anonymous" protests in London) with cutouts for the eyes and a sheer bottom that revealed her lips.

To complement her bizarre accessory, the "Heart of Glass" rocker sported a black jacket that was tied up in bunches, a black scoop-neck shirt, plan trousers and rhinestone studded shoes.

Fortunately, the platinum blond eventually took off her mask and revealed her gorgeous face. Her makeup was flawless, natch: glossy dark pink lips, a dramatic eye and arched brows completed her unusual ensemble.

At the event, Harry, who was joined by bandmate Chris Stein, talked how they, as a band, would differentiate themselves through clothes if they were forming today.

"I don't know, because everything is sort of done today, everything is so exposed…" Harry told the Telegraph. Stein interrupted, saying, "I would make a suit out of cell phones." Harry continued, saying, "That would be good. I think maybe I would be as ratty as possible. Dirty and ratty. Gaga smears stuff on her but it's pretty obvious that it's smeared on. I think that the idea would be to be as genuinely repulsive, as genuinely dirty and smelly - so that anyone who came near you would go, 'Eugh, do I have to?'"

We would, Debbie. We would.

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