11/07/2014 11:56 EST | Updated 11/07/2014 11:59 EST

15 Thoughts We Have While Shopping For Winter Coats

Sad but true: it's getting cold in Canada, which means we're just realizing that we need to buy a new winter coat or else perish outside in our fall jackets.

But sometimes it can be tough shopping for winterwear because 1) we don't want to accept that winter is coming and 2) MONEY.

So with that in mind, here are the 15 thoughts we have while shopping for winter coats.

1. Accept that it's getting cold outside and that cute fall jacket won't cut it anymore


2. Stare at your bank account and will more money to be deposited in it


3. Seriously consider buying a cheap coat because they will totally hold up, right?


4. Tell yourself that your 10-year-old coat with buttons missing is still wearable


5. Convince yourself that if you just wear a few more layers, your leather jacket will do the job just fine


6. See the actual cost of a good coat, try not to pass out

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7. Try not to roll your eyes at the salesperson in the air-conditioned store who tells you, "Everyone who tries on the coat says it's warm"

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8. Have a mini heart attack trying to decide whether you're a puffer girl or a peacoat girl


9. But what about capes?


Too. Many. Coats.

10. When you realize you have to wear a size up because the brand's coats fit snug


11. Briefly dabble with the idea of buying a long coat and a short coat (a girl's gotta have options, yo)

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Girls be like

12. Remember that you're poor and CHRISTMAS IS COMING SO GIFTS


13. Finally, you take the plunge and buy a gorgeous coat you love


14. Get home and try not to think about all that money you just spent


15. Curse yourself for buying a coat you probably won't need till at least mid-December or possibly even January