11/08/2014 05:31 EST | Updated 01/08/2015 05:59 EST

Cavaliers read nice tweets about themselves, reactions vary

The Cleveland Cavaliers went on a mission to prove that the internet can, in fact, be nice. They found at least seven Tweets to highlight this fact.

In a spin on Jimmy Kimmel’s popular bit where celebrities read mean tweets about themselves, the Cavs had players read nice tweets about themselves, in order to brighten their day and help them forget about their lost season (which is already five games old). Some reactions were better than others.

Here’s what we learned from the responses, whether we liked it or not:

- Kyrie Irving is very accommodating, possibly too much

- Kevin Love does not love poor puns, nor will he enjoy reading this sentence

- Joe Harris’ grandma enjoys technology

- Tristan Thompson has much swagger, but is also a realist

- LeBron James is uncomfortable with long sits on couches

- Matthew Dellavedova loves his girlfriend (stop shaking your head Kevin, it wasn’t even about you that time)

- Anderson Varejão will not willingly divulge the property values inside his hair