11/09/2014 04:45 EST | Updated 01/09/2015 05:59 EST

NFL Week 10: Must-see moments

Megatron made his much-anticipated return, the Cowboys and Jags pay their respects in London, and Andy Reid appears to be in two places at once. Here are some must-see moments from Week 10 in the NFL. 

Which is the real Andy Reid?

Probably the one that’s on the sidelines…but not bad Fake Andy Reid. Not bad at all. Glad you've returned. 

Cowboys, Jags wear Remembrance Day poppies

The Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars were the latest NFL teams to make the trip to London. Two days away from Remembrance Day, both teams paid their respects by wearing poppies on their jerseys.

The practice is so unknown in the United States that several American media outlets ran explainers on the significance of the poppy and Remembrance Day.  

Megatron returns…

Detroit Lions fans, fantasy owners, and people who enjoy watching amazing things have been waiting for this day for weeks. Calvin Johnson made his return to the Lions lineup on Sunday.

Wonder if he’s still got it oh wait nevermind.

…and is immediately overshadowed

Someone should’ve told Brent Grimes not to show up Megatron on his big day. That was rude.

A Jets life is filled with burdens…

That’s why Jets fans ease the pain with novelty airplane signs.

The struggle continues.

…but there are silver linings

Sometimes if you look closely, good things happen to the Jets. Yes, it’s true.

That’s Jets quarterback Michael Vick breaking a defender’s ankles. During the game against the Steelers, Vick became the first quarterback in NFL history to rush for 6,000 yards in a career.