11/10/2014 03:32 EST | Updated 01/10/2015 05:59 EST

Milk Carton 2.0 aims to help keep children safe

Toronto police are making a bet on social media for helping track down missing children.

The service is partnering with the Missing Children Society of Canada, to make use of Milk Carton 2.0 — an approach to getting the word out on missing children cases to many different groups of people.

The name is a reference to a strategy from the past, where information about missing children was printed on milk cartons to raise awareness about unsolved cases.

The modern twist on this is to use social media to get information disseminated quickly about children who are in trouble.

Through Milk Carton 2.0, the information about a particular case can be quickly spread to many members of the public, whether through their social media feeds or applications they download.

A new part of this approach now involves BlackBerry, which will help get key information to users when children go missing.

"Millions of Canadians are connected to [a] BBM channel and now you can use that connection to receive information immediately about a missing child in your area," said Amanda Pick, the executive director of the Missing Children Society of Canada.

Chief Bill Blair said the more people that know about a child who is in trouble, the more help they can give to police.

"The more information we can give Canadians and enlist them in the effort to keep those kids safe I think the better our communities will be and the safer our kids will be," Blair said Monday.