11/10/2014 07:41 EST | Updated 01/10/2015 05:59 EST

Pierre Karl Péladeau to run for PQ leadership, sources say

Pierre Karl Péladeau will put his name in the race to become the next leader of the PartiQuébécois, according to sources who spoke to Radio-Canada.

He is expected to make the announcement in his riding of St. Jérôme in the coming weeks — possibly on Nov. 23.

“That’s the scenario that’s the most likely," said one source. "There is a window and the machine is ready -- it’s just waiting for the signal from Mr. Péladeau.”

A second source told Radio-Canada that the announcement could be postponed by one week, but expects it’ll come by the end of November.

“One thing’s for sure, it would be good that Péladeau’s nomination generates discussion during the holidays," the source said.

Radio-Canada says former PQ premier Bernard Landry offered to be present when Péladeau officially announces his bid to run for the leadership.

Péladeau would be the sixth candidate in the race, after Martine Ouellet, Bernard Drainville, Pierre Céré, Jean-François Lisée et Alexandre Cloutier.