11/10/2014 07:17 EST | Updated 11/11/2015 09:59 EST

A Moment Of Silence For Canada's Veterans

HuffPost Canada is dedicating its front page this Remembrance Day to the men and women who have served Canada in uniform.

All day Tuesday the top of our page will display this image.

Top row, left to right

- Canadian WWII veteran Bud Hannam in Normany 70 years after he landed there as part of Operation Overlord on D-Day. (Joel Saget/Getty)

- Lt. Green of the 25th Canadian Infantry Brigade in Korea. (Wikimedia)

- Pte. Sidney Halliday, who went missing during the First World War. (Department of National Defence)

Middle row

- Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, murdered last month in Quebec. (Department of National Defence)

- Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, murdered last month while guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. (Guillaume Hache)

Bottom row

- Publicity shot of a Canadian Women's Army Corps member from 1943. (Department of National Defence)

- Pte. Mark Anthony Graham, who was killed in 2006 during Operation Medusa in Afghanistan. (Department of National Defence)

- Peacekeeper Marty Burke in 1976. (Wikimedia)

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