11/11/2014 07:44 EST | Updated 01/11/2015 05:59 EST

Agostino Cannavino re-elected EMSB commissioner after recount

There has been a change in results in one ward of the English Montreal School Board election after a judicial recount.

A judge ruled on Tuesday that incumbent commissioner Agostino Cannavino eked out a win in Ward 6 (Ville-Marie/Plateau Mont-Royal/Rosemont) by a margin of three votes.

Cannavino got 699 votes, while candidate Dominic Furfaro got 696.

The previous count declared Furfaro the winner by 11 votes.

“Every ballot — one by one — was looked at and representatives from both teams were present. A judge looked at the ballots and, in some cases, there were ballots that were rejected that were originally accepted or some that were accepted that were originally rejected,” said EMSB Spokesman Michael Cohen.

“As the administration of the EMSB, we respect that decision and we’ll carry on and Mr. Cannavino will likely be sworn in on Monday night.”

Cannavino was a member of the Anne Lagacé Dowson slate, bringing the total number of elected commissioners from her team to two.

Chair Angela Mancini’s team won seven seats.

One commissioner, Joseph Lalla, is an independent.

Cohen said the results are now final, as no other recounts were ordered.

The commissioners will be sworn in Monday evening at 7 p.m..