11/11/2014 02:18 EST | Updated 11/11/2014 02:59 EST

NOFX's Fat Mike Lets Fan Kick Him Back After Brutal Onstage Beatdown (VIDEO)

A "way too drunk" Australian concert goer jumped onstage last week during a NOFX concert, leading the band's lead singer Fat Mike to hit and kick the fan in the face. But after patching things up via Twitter, the musician and fan attempted to turn the tables on each other over the weekend with amusing results.

Last Wednesday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported NOFX was playing Sydney's Enmore Theatre when the fan, known as Alex, got onstage as the band was performing "Linoleum." A YouTube clip, posted below, shows Alex approaching Fat Mike and putting his arm around the singer's shoulders, pushing him off the microphone briefly.

Fat Mike gave the fan a vicious backhand with his right arm across the fan's face, a blow that knocked Alex off his feet and down to the stage. As Alex tried returning to his feet Fat Mike kicked Alex in the face. Security quickly removed the fan from the stage. Fans however came to the singer's defense as Fat Mike complained about having a sore neck during the concert.

Hours later the musician and Alex, who was sporting a swollen lip, patched things up via Twitter.

But it didn't end there. TMZ reports NOFX invited Alex to their next show where he kicked Fat Mike backstage. The clip, posted above, begins with Alex entering backstage and Fat Mike hugging him.

"Dude I'm sorry for kicking you," Fat Mike says with Alex apologizing for "hurting your sore neck."

"You took it really good," Fat Mike adds before giving Alex a beer. "I thought it would be fair if you want to kick me back," the singer says. Alex begins to position him to kick the singer with Fat Mike, looking at Alex's footwear, hesitant to go through with it. Fat Mike then tells Alex to take his boot off and asks him to wear a white bathroom slipper which Alex does.

Alex then kicks Fat Mike in the right foot with Fat Mike playfully screaming in agony. "We're good?" Fat Mike asks. "We're good." "Thanks buddy!"

NOFX continue their Australian tour with a show in Brisbane Tuesday night, Nov. 11. The Australian leg concludes Nov. 23 in Gold Coast.

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