11/11/2014 06:32 EST | Updated 11/06/2017 16:05 EST

Remembrance Day Quotes: Words To Honour Veterans

Colin McConnell via Getty Images
Remembrance Day ceremonies at the cenotaph at Old City Hall in Toronto, Nov. 11, 2013. (Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

On this day, when we honour those who have fought for our country and our freedom, it's hard to find the words to express just what they have given each and every one of us.

So instead, we've turned to those who came before us — some speaking to heal a nation, others trying to make sense of the impossible events that had just occurred.

Remembrance Day isn't just about war and those we've lost, but about ideals and what we stand for. It's about respecting our past and looking hopefully forward, and more than anything, thanking those who have served.

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