11/12/2014 09:57 EST | Updated 11/13/2014 09:59 EST

29 Signs You're A Calgary Flames Fan

You watched games at the Corral.

(Credit: Flickr user Chealion)

You had a sweater like this one.

You remember how Swede Kent Nilsson was in the Flames' first season in Calgary.

And how the "Wayne Gretzky of Sweden" dazzled you.

You remember this man's slapshot.

This man's moustache..

And how great it was when he finally received his Stanley Cup.

You recall this player's wonderful celebration.

And that spectacular save.

You remember the last 31-year-old Rookie of the Year.

And you still laugh at one of hockey history's costliest bloopers.

You shared in this guy's tears when he left ...

And you shared in his joy when he returned.

You remember when he broke both legs in a car accident before his career really started.

(Image via eBay)

And you were inspired when he came back, and became one of the Flames' best defencemen.

You loved Kipper, and how he backstopped Calgary to a Game 7 Stanley Cup Final in his first season with the team.

You loved the living heck out of this guy (on the right, that is).

Because he did this ...

And this ...

In roughly equal measure.

You walked the "Red Mile" on 17th Avenue.

And no matter what anyone says, this puck went in.

You know that great coaches...

Don't always make great managers.

You liked seeing these guys come to town...

And it made no sense to you when the team traded, then signed them back.

You know it's been a rough few seasons.

But you also know there's hope for the future.

And a wonderful history you can always be proud of.

Go Flames Go!

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