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John Travolta Facts: 10 Things You Didn't Know About The Actor

When it comes to the holy trinity of show business, John Travolta's got it all.

He can sing! He can dance! He can act! He can fly! Okay, so that last one's a bonus for actors fearful of traveling by coach, but it's still handy nonetheless. That said, few actors have a such an extensive background as an entertainer like Travolta.

His career spans the early years as a TV star to his primetime starring in films like "Pulp Fiction", "Boogie Nights" as well as "Saturday Night Fever". And let's not forget about his time in "Grease", a musical that's been parodied many times over, including by James Franco in the video above.

Now, Travolta's skills on the dance floor and behind the mic aren't well-kept secrets but here are 10 facts that might just give you a new perspective on the actor.

He Started Off Roman Catholic

Travolta's a well-known Scientologist but his parents raised him Roman Catholic like his other five siblings.

He Also Dropped Out Of High School

As someone who ditched school to pursue acting at 16, this will probably be the closest he'll ever get to having a prom.

That Didn't Stop Him From Being BFFs With Oprah

Oprah's one of Travolta's biggest fans and he once flew her entire audience to Australia on his plane. Talk about friends in high places.

He Nearly Died In A Plane Crash

Travolta's an accomplished pilot and his love for flying is well-known. But in 1992, the plane he was piloting experienced total electrical failure and nearly crashed into another aircraft. He managed to survive the ordeal by safely landing his plane.

That Said, He Still Wanted To Name His Daughter "Qantas"

It's unclear if this was a stunt on behalf of Qantas (Travolta is an ambassador-at-large for the Australian airline), but the actor wanted to name his daughter after the carrier. His wife, Kelly Preston, wouldn't have any of it and the two settled on the name "Ella".

He Fell In Love With A Woman 18 Years His Senior

At the age of 22, Travolta fell in love with actress Diana Hyland while working together on the film "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble". She played his mother in the movie but their relationship would end abruptly after Hyland passed away from breast cancer in 1977.

He Made It To The Billboard Hot 100 Chart

He climbed to number 10 on the chart in 1976 with his single "Let Her In".

He’s Done A Duet With Miley Cyrus

Keep in mind, this was a different Miley then the short-haired, twerking version we know today. Still, the two partnered up for a single on the soundtrack for Disney's "Bolt" back in 2009.

The Guy Pretty Much Made Richard Gere’s Career

Travolta turned down the lead roles in "American Gigolo”,“An Officer and a Gentleman” and “Chicago” — all roles that went to Richard Gere. Gere's acting in "Chicago" would later earn him a Golden Globe.

He Danced With Princess Diana

The two met at the White House at a gala dinner in 1985. The dance was an iconic moment for both people, with the late Princess naming the outfit she wore that night "The Travolta Dress".

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