Beef Stew Recipes: 16 Dishes That Will Keep You Warm

Before we get ourselves into another polar vortex-like situation, let's start focusing on the bright side of winter: hot meals.

It may be soup and stew season, but beef stew is a classic recipe you can easily made over the stove or with your slow cooker. Not only are these recipes comforting, but we've also included ones that use booze, winter vegetables and even dumplings. Remember, you can always add additional ingredients or side dishes like eggs, noodles and crusty bread.

Besides classic stew recipes, we also have vegetable-focused beef stews, spicy stews and even "beef" stews for the vegans in the house.

Here are 16 of our favourite beef stew recipes from around the web. Share your favourite recipe recipe below:

Beef Stew Recipes For Polar Vortex Days