11/13/2014 12:51 EST

Alberta Drone Video Shows The Province In All Its Rugged, Natural Glory

Blackbird Aerials - Demo Reel from Richard Gottardo on Vimeo.

Alberta: Mountains. Streams. Bears. Ski jump.

The province sure looks beautiful when you capture it at the right moments.

And that's what drone video and photography company Blackbird Aerials did with its latest demo reel, which shows Alberta from above in all its rugged, natural glory.

The reel, which is credited to videographer Richard Gottardo, was filmed using a DJI s800 EVO hexacopter and a Sony NEX 5n camera. It captured stunning images of vast landscapes and the sun setting over Calgary's WinSport Canada Olympic Park.

A video like this allows Alberta to challenge B.C. for its "Super, Natural" title.

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