11/13/2014 03:03 EST | Updated 12/03/2014 05:59 EST

Jian Ghomeshi Allegation Tracker: A Timeline Of The Harassment And Assault Accusations

The people who have come forward with allegations of abuse and harassment by Jian Ghomeshi have helped ignite a long-overdue discussion about consent, violence and how the justice system treats victims of sexual assault and harassment.

HuffPost Canada continues to shine a light on these issues and has partnered with Canadaland's Jesse Brown to offer a secure form to submit information about Ghomeshi. Details submitted will be vetted by a journalist who is researching the allegations, and those involved will be contacted by HuffPost. New details surfaced by this research will be added to the timeline tracking all allegations below.

To date, there have been

23 Separate allegations of harassment or assault

6Allegations from people using their names

17Anonymous allegations

If you have information to add to this timeline,

share your story via this secure form.

Do you have information to add to this timeline?

Any tips or stories submitted below will go directly to a journalist researching the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi. HuffPost Canada will contact you to follow-up on any details you provide via this secure form.

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