11/13/2014 12:03 EST | Updated 01/13/2015 05:59 EST

Racism and Indigenous Canadians: A conversation

A CBC News poll about Canadians' attitudes on discrimination shows, among other things, that respondents on the Prairies are less tolerant of aboriginal peoples. But is that the reality?

- ANALYSIS | Racism still an uncomfortable truth in Canada: Duncan McCue

Join the CBC's Joanne Levasseur at 6 p.m. CT on Thursday, Nov. 13, with your thoughts about discrimination in Manitoba and across the country.

We will be joined by a number of experts and panellists from Canada's indigenous community, including:

- Niigaan Sinclair, assistant professor of native studies, University of Manitoba.

- Dave Courchene, Sagkeeng First Nation elder and teacher, Manitoba.

- Sarah Arngna'naaq, a lawyer and prosecutor in Yellowknife.

- Drew Hayden Taylor, playwright and humourist based in Toronto.

- Alex Wilson, activist and academic, University of Saskatchewan.