16 Vitamin A Foods For Your Health

You've already been told vitamin A is great for the eyes, immune system, bones and teeth, but there's so much more to this powerful compound.

Firstly, there are two forms of vitamin A, says registered dietitian Vanessa Perrone of Motive Nutrition in Montreal. It can be found in animal sources like liver, fatty fish or egg yolks, but also in plant foods that are yellow, orange and dark green.

And when we're talking vitamin A, we can't forget about beta carotene — a pigment found in plants and food.

"Beta carotene, a carotenoid found in plant foods that is converted into vitamin A in the body, also has strong antioxidant function which may be useful in fighting or slowing the progression of age-related macular degeneration, one of the most common causes of poor vision after age 60," she says.

On average, Perrone says men over 19 should have about 0.9 grams of vitamin A, while women in the same age group should have about 0.7 grams. As a fat soluble vitamin, Perrone says you should watch out for overconsumption.

"Because the body will store excess amounts of fat-soluble vitamin A, high levels over a long period of time can be toxic for the body," she says. "For this reason, high dose supplements of vitamin A are not recommended for the general population."

But eating healthy foods and not overeating supplements is one way to make sure you get a balanced amount of vitamin A. Below, Perrone lists 16 healthy fruits, vegetables and fish that are all good sources of vitamin A and other essential nutrients.

16 Foods Packed With Vitamin A