11/14/2014 09:39 EST | Updated 01/14/2015 05:59 EST

SPCA investigates 2 cases of dogs killed, apparently by their owners

Authorities in Metro Vancouver are investigating two cases of suspected animal cruelty after a French bull dog and a Pomeranian were found dead in separate incidents. 

The B.C. SPCA says it is pursuing charges in the dog deaths last month, one in Richmond and one in Vancouver.

The most recent case came to light a week ago when animal control officers turned up at a laneway house in South Vancouver.

SPCA spokeswoman Marcie Moriarty said that Vancouver Animal Control called with concerns about a possible cruelty case on Nov. 3 after getting a call about a dead dog.

Animal control officers found the remains of the animal, a French bulldog, covered in blood, with massive head trauma injuries and lacerations on its side exposing what appeared to be intestines.

Based on the state of the remains and records of an earlier call coming in about a dead animal from the same address, officers estimated the dog has been dead for two weeks.

Animal control officers wrapped the dog's body in a white blanket, and took it to its facility on Raymur Street. The SPCA, informed of the suspicious find by Vancouver Animal Control, was issued a warrant so it could to obtain the dog's remains in order to conduct a necropsy.

Moriarty said the SPCA will be recommending animal cruelty charges in this case.

A resident on Raymur Street said Friday that his neighbour knocked on his family's door recently seeking help.

"My mom told me that the man over there came over and he asked her to call the police," said Tipo Conteh. 

Conteh said the man was distressed. 

The owner of the house where the dog's body was found said his daughter knew something had died inside the laneway home. 

Sukhvinder Huld has just returned to Vancouver from India and said his daughter noticed the smell. 

"My daughter told me. The dog had died inside the house," Huld said. "It smelled bad." 

The renter has been arrested and is being held under the Mental Health Act. 

- On mobile?Click here to view the SPCA's search warrant application. WARNING: Contains graphic description of state of a dead animal

Pomeranian stabbed in Richmond

The French bull dog investigation falls on the heels of a separate incident from October involving a Pomeranian, which is only surfacing now as the Crown consider laying charges.

"The owner in this particular case had stabbed the dog to death," Moriarty said, adding the dog's body showed "a significant" number of stab wounds.

Richmond RCMP initiated that investigation and the SPCA has since recommended animal cruelty charges, she said.