11/15/2014 03:07 EST | Updated 01/15/2015 05:59 EST

Kaillie Humphries makes history in 4-man bobsled

Canadian Olympian Kaillie Humphries made history at Utah Olympic Park Saturday when she placed sixth while competing in a mixed-gender four-man bobsled. 

The two-time Olympic gold medallist became the first woman to compete with men in the four-man event. 

In September, the sport's world governing body announced that it would open the four-man bobsled to women and mixed-gender teams.

Humphries competed with three men in Saturday's race. Previously, women were restricted to a two-person bobsled. 

American Elana Meyers Taylor also competed in the event, finishing seventh out of 11 sleds. 

Fans responded with pride and encouragement on Twitter. 

- Can't view on mobile? See tweet here. 

- Can't view on mobile? See tweet here.