11/16/2014 01:38 EST | Updated 01/15/2015 05:59 EST

Gregor Robertson re-elected mayor of Vancouver

Gregor Robertson will be re-elected mayor of Vancouver.

The Vision Vancouver candidate led the count from the start, beating out rivals Kirk LaPointe​ (Non-Partisan Association) and Meena Wong​ (Coalition of Progressive Electors).

The CBC projected Robertson would win at 10:30 p.m. PT. Some 20 minutes later, LaPointe conceded the race to Robertson.

At the time of writing the count stands at: Robertson 82,134, LaPointe 71,947, Wong 16,563.

There were also six independent candidates seeking the mayor’s chair — Meynard Aubichon, Mike Hansen, Jeff Hill, Cherryse Kaur Kaiser, Tim Ly and Colin Shandler​.

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