Alpaca Therapy For Elders In Germany Is Absolutely Adorable (VIDEO)

Move over cute puppies, there's a new adorable four-legged creature in town.

At Mana Wedell Tagesfliege, an elderly care home in Germany, residents are cuddled and befriended by domesticated Peruvian alpacas who also live in the residence's garden. According to the video by RT News above, the alpacas, who sometimes get to come inside the home, watch TV, take the elevator and generally keep the elderly folk entertained.

We may be used to hearing about animal therapy using dogs, but alpaca therapy has also been around for a while. Last spring, both Napoleon the alpaca and Rojo the llama were brought to Portland's hospitals, malls and schools to share good cheer and fuzzy hugs.

And although the video above is not in English, you get the the gist of it: cute alpacas = cute friends.

Can we have one?

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