Dynamic Duos: Breakfast Recipes And The Coffees That Pair Well With Them

There is an especially good and calm feeling that comes with taking the time to sit down for breakfast in the morning, especially if it’s paired with a delicious cup of home-brewed coffee (Who needs baristas? You know what you like!). Whether it’s a midweek treat to yourself to slow down and enjoy the a.m. or a weekend pause after a hectic week, mornings with a good breakfast are easily some of the simplest delights in life.

With the smell of bacon sizzling on the stove, and toast crisping away in the toaster, one must naturally reach for a fresh cup of coffee to enjoy. But, sometimes, the right kind of coffee can take your entire morning meal to another level. But what’s that, you ask? Is there a right type of coffee to pair with specific foods?

The answer is yes, which may or may not surprise you. Pairing coffee and food for the best flavour and food experience is not unheard of. Coffee tastings at any local café or chain coffee place are grounded in the principle of bringing out and intensifying the flavours in both your brew and your food.

Here are a few types of breakfast options and the kind of coffee to go with it that will make your morning the most pleasurable.

Dynamic Duos: Breakfast Recipes And The Coffees That Pair Well With Them

1. Sweet, sugary, and all things nice

Sometimes breakfast is an all out sugar binge of amazing and that’s okay! Pancakes are extremely delicious with a massive dollop of cream, smothered in maple syrup and berries on top; crepes and waffles, too. Pair these sugary breakfasts with a light roast coffee to enhance and complement those saccharine flavours in your thick stack of pancakes.

2. On the light side

Maybe today you’re feeling a just grapefruit or a Greek yogurt parfait, complete with some cereal or granola on top: something low-key and low-cal to get you through the morning. A wee espresso goes nicely with a light yogurt-y breakfast or even reach for a light roast coffee to cap off that fruit medley you’re eyeing in the refrigerator.

3. Breakfast of champions

This is it: the heavy-hitter breakfast featuring bacon, eggs, toast, and potatoes. The Works. You see those sizzle sausages and bacon strips on the stove in your mind and you’re salivating already. Big breakfasts like this call for some big time coffee choices, like a straight dark roast, to minimize the influence of cream and sugar and maximize the strong taste profile of black coffee.

4. Grab and go

There’s no time to really sit and enjoy breakfast this morning so you’re looking to that freshly baked batch of pumpkin loaf. I mean, tis the season, right? What goes with an easy and bread-y treat such as this? Look to a medium roast blend to go with this. Heavier loaves and baked breaded, dessert-ish, breakfast foods like banana bread, too, go well with a medium roast coffee.