11/17/2014 05:02 EST | Updated 01/17/2015 05:59 EST

Energy drink ban study moves ahead

Toronto's Board of Health has given the city's chief medical officer the green light to study a ban on the sale of energy drinks to minors.

If approved, the ban will prohibit the sale of drinks such as Red Bull and Monster at all city-owned buildings and venues, including the Canadian National Exhibition, to people under the age of 19.

The ban would also prohibit the sale of energy drinks at convenience stores to minors.

Coun. Glenn De Baeremaeker is in favour of such a ban, saying it will protect young children from harm. He said the high caffeine content of the drinks can cause medical problems.

"What we want to do is make sure that we minimize the risk on our own property," he said. "Seven-year-old children shouldn't be going into a convenience store and buying these products."

Industry representatives were at city hall Monday to oppose the ban.

Jim Goetz of the Canadian Beverage Association told CBC News the drinks have already been deemed safe.

"It certainly is a dangerous precedent to set, to tell store owners what legal products they can sell or not," he said. "Health Canada has done a thorough study on energy drinks and determined them safe for consumption."