11/17/2014 02:11 EST | Updated 11/17/2014 02:59 EST

17 Times Rachel McAdams Had Better Hair Than All Of Us

It's no secret that Rachel McAdams has one of the best manes in Hollywood.

Canada's Sweetheart has turned heads with her many hairstyles ever since she gave us serious hair envy as Regina George on "Mean Girls." (We realize that she was wearing a wig; she wore it well.)

But even on the red carpet, the "True Detective" actress isn't afraid to take risks, whether it means dyeing her blond locks pink or opting for a curly brunette bob.

Monday, Nov. 17 marks Rachel's 36th birthday, which gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate her ever-evolving hairstyles.

Below are the 17 times Rachel McAdams had better hair than all of us.

When her blunt bangs gave us major hair envy in 2004

When her slicked back locks made us want to squeeze tons of gel on our heads in 2007

When she made every parent nervous for their daughters after she debuted pink highlights in 2007

When she re-ignited the braid trend in 2005

When she inspired "Frozen's" Elsa with a beautiful fishtail in 2009

When she made women immediately make an appointment with their colourist after flaunting red locks in 2013

When she perfected textured layers in 2005

When she out-cuted your grandma in an adorable wavy bob in 2005

When she chopped off her hair into a chic dark bob

When she channeled Old Hollywood in 2011

When she perfected the swept-back 'do in 2012

When she styled her hair into perfect ringlets in 2012

When she wore an elegant beehive in 2013

When she sported this rich shade of chocolate brown

When she made side-swept bangs cool again in 2010

When she made a complicated updo look effortless in 2011

When she made a simple hairstyle look gorgeous in 2011

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