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Vancouver Man Dressed As Rooster Offers Free Rides (TWEETS)

Need a ride?

A Vancouver man is dressing up like a rooster and giving strangers free rides in his car as a way to protest the city's taxi situation, which he describes as absurd, according to CTV News.

Kyle MacDonald, 34, offers rides in his Toyota Matrix on Craiglist and on Twitter at @YesFreeTaxi.

"I realized that people here aren't given very good options for on-demand public transit services such as taxis or ride share options that are newly emerging, like Uber, Lift," MacDonald says in a Vancouver Sun video.

"I hope to educate people. I hope to provide information so people can educate themselves on the topic and make their own conclusions."

Vancouver placed a six-month moratorium on new licences in October, but it hasn't stopped popular ride-share service Uber from trying to drum up local support with an online petition.

The company operated in the city for a brief period in 2012, but was shut down when B.C.'s Passenger Transportation Board enforced a $75 minimum fare per trip.

Cab companies recently filed a lawsuit to block Uber.

Four taxi companies operate in Vancouver — a situation MacDonald told The Vancouver Sun is essentially a "monopoly" and "a cartel, actually, I'm not trying to exaggerate."

So he combats the industry's current state with Yes Free Taxi. And yes, people are really taking him up on rides:

Interestingly, this is the same Kyle MacDonald who made headlines back in 2005 for bartering his way from a red paperclip to a home in Saskatchewan, reports CTV News.

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